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Maybe it's finally time to accept it fully and lean into it. Maybe I'll move into the woods and grow a beard. I can't grow facial hair. Who am I kidding? Anyway, I finally feel believe I'm a writer now. A real one.

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This is probably the greatest revelation of the year. That happy isn't somewhere you swim to. So many believe if I can just have this or that, I will be happy. But happy is not about the things. Don't get me wrong. I still want the things. The house in the hills with a Korean bbq in the backyard, Porche, vintage truck, and a collection of motorcycles.

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Expensive pants. You know. But these things alone won't make me happy. I really really believe that now. They are just things and they won't give you sustainable happy. Happy is a state. Happy comes in moments. Happy fluctuates, daily. But most importantly, happy in an inside job. It has nothing to do with the external. I've learned that you can't feel happy without these three things. You have to have meaning in your life. In what you do for work. In your relationships. Maybe in raising children. Without meaning, your life will feel like an empty soda can.

And you will feel worthless and invisible. And it doesn't matter how many things you have, you will not be happy. You will merely exist.

I've lived a life without meaning chasing state. And I've lived a life with meaning attracting state.

And it's like day and night. In my twenties and thirties, I didn't have much meaning in my life. I was just trying to get from point A to point B. Life was more of a race than anything else. I was chasing the things. I didn't really have a life. I wasn't engaged. I just lived in my head all day.

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It almost makes me tear up thinking about it. I was so lost and disconnected. Something I was never able to do before: Wake up after a shitty night of sleep and a ton of stress and still find joy in something that day. I finally have the ability to produce joy. It can be from a motorcycle ride or a workout. It can come from a fresh cup of coffee or a deep conversation with a friend or client. I don't need anything great to happen for me to feel joy.

I can get it from whatever I have in my life right now. This is a game changer. Because it means I'm finally able to feel gratitude , one of the highest frequencies that pull you out of the suck. It makes you believe everything's okay. Not going to be okay. But okay now. That you are not lacking. That you are exactly where you're supposed to be. If you go to a party and just stand there and complain it was boring, it's your fault.

The same is for life. You have to engage.

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You have to make that effort if you want to produce happy. You have to be present.

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Practice mindfulness. Use all your senses. Stay out of your head. Dive into your work.


Take chances. Call people. Do things that feel weird and scary. Lean into transitions.