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Observe that the sun is not the major influence on your sexuality, just a very general indication of what normally attracts you. At a sexual encounter, other forces get into play, so much can happen. Here you find short sex horoscope descriptions for each of the Zodiac signs, when occupied by the sun: 2.

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Of course, these are very much involved in your sexuality. So, in your sex horoscope the moon's position means a lot. It reveals what you need to be satisfied, what inner urges have to be complied for your sexual experience to be fulfilling. It's the nature of the moon that these needs may be concealed - even to you, yourself. We are often quite unclear about our own emotions, especially the deep ones, which are often the strongest.

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You need to have a look at your complete horoscope birth chart to figure out how much in touch you are with your inner urges. The position of the moon and aspects to it will have the clues. The moon is not really involved in the physical activities of the sexual act. That's more for Venus and Mars to dictate.

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Instead, it says how you need your sexuality to feel, how your senses react and what kind of mood you are in - before it, during it, and after it. If the moon's longings are fulfilled, you can't be happier, almost to the point of wanting nothing more from life. If they are not, you crave for more and more and more.

Here are short sex horoscope descriptions of what the moon reveals about your longings in each of the Zodiac signs: 3. The two sides of the coin. They do not at all need to be the same or even similar.

Discovering the differences is what makes a couple's sexuality evolve and intensify. Venus is the planet that shows what pleases you, what your sexual partner should do to really get you excited and delighted. It's quite concrete, dealing a lot with the physical activity and its characteristics - whoever the partner is, and whatever relation you have as persons. Venus in your sex horoscope not only shows what your body wants, but that's a major part of it.

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The choreography of your pas-de-deux. Venus is the very planet of pleasure, so it has its demands and tends to be creative about having them fulfilled. A sexual partner able to serve you as your Venus horoscope position indicates you want to return to, again and again. Someone who doesn't manage that at all is not likely to find you eager for a new embrace. Here are the short sex horoscope descriptions of what Venus states about your pleasure needs, depending on what Zodiac sign the planet occupies: 4.

The planet Mars in your horoscope birth chart shows the latter. Notice that it's not necessarily what the partner wants which is decided by the partner's own Venus position. It's what you do out of your own initiative, how you try to please your partner - whether that's to the point or not. Mars is by its nature not very adaptive or sensitive.

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So, it's quite normal that people find it hard in their sex life to adjust their behavior so that it fits the partner's needs perfectly. Moon sign based horoscopes are sneak previews for the day, offering advice as determined by the subtle positions of your moon sign. What does life and love have in store for you today?

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