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Putin just popped up in my mind. Most probably he will be there in as well. In some ways he was an important force for Russia, because before him was Yeltsin who was very unstable and obviously Gorbachev leaving, so the situation was not good, and Putin brought Russia to a more stable place after the Soviet decomposition. But in some ways, he is taking advantage of that and he is manipulating democracy to suit his power agenda and guess what….

So that will be for him….

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We have to look at when elections are scheduled in Russia, that will be an important time and besides, the Pluto-Saturn conjunction at 22 Capricorn, will make a degrees angle, a quincunx aspect to his Pluto at 22 Leo and it will square his Neptune-Mercury at 21 Libra…. We can say that borders are being redrawn and we speak of the fact that some empires will fall, and some new power structures will develop but those who are smart will know how to navigate this.

And China also has the Moon at 3 degrees Aquarius and something we need to speak about now is that after the Pluto-Saturn conjunction, later in the year on the 21 of December , we have a very important Saturn-Jupiter exact conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius. In it was in Virgo, it was in Taurus, in it was in Capricorn, it was the first time in Air, in Libra.

Then in the year it was in Earth again and now we are moving into a whole cycle of conjunctions in Air signs, with the first one in December , in Aquarius. ADRIAN : You wanted to say that the world will be very different after , compared to what was before, because the conjunction will occur in Air signs and not in Earth signs. And this happens to be on the Moon of China at three degrees Aquarius. It will have this Pluto-Saturn conjunction on Jupiter.

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I mean, we can expect a new regime in China, but we can also expect some kind of modernization, perhaps some new treaties with Taiwan, perhaps a change in the ideology of the government, who knows, it can go that way if they ride that wave of the Aquarian Saturn-Jupiter conjunction on the Moon. It has to do with emancipation, with liberation, with a more cooperative development. So, we know already that the world and every political structure now is moving more to the right. But after we may see a shift and suddenly a more trusting approach, a more cooperative global approach, which will be nurtured from whatever happens in Pluto will conjunct the point of that Saturn-Jupiter conjunction.

Not only that, if you look I think in , you will see that everything moves in the Fire and Air signs, so Pluto moves at zero Aquarius, Neptune will move to zero Aries and Saturn and Uranus will move to zero Gemini. It is of any good to know all this information? Can we make any difference, I mean on a personal level, what we are supposed to do?

Even if you cannot change the position of the planets, it helps to understand why things happen. So, I think that if we look at Astrology, we understand that there is a bigger picture.

And these cycles are linked to one another, to a big world cosmic order. So, on the one hand you may feel what am I to do here? It is a purpose to bring better leadership, to bring a better financial system and to eventually bring a Cultural Revolution. So, in the thick of it, when things happen, you may feel a little lost.

But having this perspective helps you actually understand there is a reason. There are many ways to learn our lessons. We can learn our lessons by burning everything down and we can learn our lessons by making progressive change. What is good or bad is how you use them. It makes a difference. When people hit the streets and they want to make a change, it happens. But it also begins with your own life.

If we speak of these transits in Capricorn, we speak of you as an individual being a true leader of your life. It speaks of taking responsibility for your own Karma and not only blame the leaders but do the work yourself. Or some people prefer to buy gold. This is a time where you can follow your calling. Now is the time and especially in , when we have this Jupiter-Uranus opposition.

This is a time to take risks, it is a time to follow a higher inspiration and not only work on a practical level.

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ADRIAN : All these big conjunctions of Pluto-Saturn occurred at the specific date, but the historical events did not occur exactly at the same moment in time. But this just adds more of to the same, we speak of these changes and we speak of another factor adding to that. But the bottom line to me is, like you say, that the change is not just a one-day change, even though you could have significant events that happened that same week of the exact conjunction, but likely you will have a lot of echoes and a lot of processes that happened before and after.

To me, the most important thing, especially as we move into these Capricorn and Aquarius cycles, is to understand the need to work more on a community level, to work more in harmony with nature. For Scorpio, self-respect is very important. Often driven by feelings, is distinguished by perseverance. He loves not dreams. Always knows what he wants and pursues his goals with great tenacity.

His instinct for preservation is the strongest. He is intuitive rather than rational. Scorpio is attracted by the mystical side of existence. He concerns the issue of life and death.

He is a valuable friend, but also a mortal enemy. The company often goes unnoticed, but who neglect you 're wrong. Think how much fun it would be to go shopping for specific plants associated with you or your family's signs. Daily Love Horoscope Today.

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