January 25 horoscope

Perhaps you have overcome a significant challenge. You have proved someone wrong and they know it. An opportunity for higher learning comes your way.

January 25 Zodiac Sign

You may find money to help with funding your academic interests. Instead, take things in stride and have confidence. Things are looking up for you.

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The Sun Tarot card means that your luck and good fortune are coming to a place where determination and timing are positioned in your favor. Take pride in knowing your efforts are not going to be a waste. The obstacle you face is slowly moving in the other direction making room for you to enjoy a new shot at love again. If you're single, perhaps the things that have held you back will begin to lift and you'll start getting date offers again.

If you're in a relationship, the person you're not getting along with will soften up. Aquarius, things are shifting and ready to get dynamic. People around you might react, but don't let it get you down. You've got goals. Your positive energy will put you back on top. You might be in a phase where a part of you wants to push through to the next level, yet there's a new awareness that pushing doesn't always work.

The Temperance Tarot card means to consistently apply yourself from start to finish in each goal you set. Pacing is key for you today. Follow Us. Sign in. A light and playful rather than serious attitude brings success and goodwill.


You can be adventurous, throwing caution to the winds in matters of the heart. Negative forces and destructive people can block creative ventures so keep them at bay with tact. Lucky number Be relaxed in busy situations and in the company of pushy, ambitious people or you get sucked into anxiety and stress.

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One step at a time takes you to the top of the ladder of success. Friends and family keep you socially busy with celebrations and reunions. Lucky number 9. Colour sea blue.

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  • Your Daily Horoscope For January 25, .
  • This is a time of spiritual growth and understanding as you slow down and look within to find a space of silence and acceptance of yourself as you are. Yoga, meditation and diets can work wonders for you. Personal relationships are loving, steady and deep. Colour greens. A new path to complete a difficult assignment opens up for you as you get counsel from an experienced person.

    A surprising turn of events may change your intentions. You go through a series of changes and unexpected happenings that you can take in your stride.

    Colour white. Health and energy need to be conserved as you have much to do today.

    Daily Horoscope for Thursday, January 25

    Spend time by yourself and meditate in natural surroundings after a busy day spent in multifarious activity. Witnessing the drama of life from a higher viewpoint gives you new perspective. Colour yellow. It's time for some adventures. Your money is on your mind today and when it comes to a financial obligation, there's a chance you could find the extra income you need to pay it off. At the same time, you're still reminded to take a sensible approach when it comes to your spending today. Try not to overdo it. Focus on your long-term needs.

    We have the 'all clear' today to shop and do business. The Moon is in Libra

    A relationship, or the prospect of one, could be heavy on your mind today. There's a chance this person could be a keeper but you'll have to do a little more digging to make sure this isn't a fleeting thing. Also, your words have more influence than usual. Use them to create the opportunities you seek. When it comes to your well-being, it's time for you to strike more of a balance in your physical and spiritual life.

    While you're working on taking better care of your health, also look to ways you can feed and nourish your spirit. This could also be a good time to work on developing better money habits.

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    • You might want to ease into your day, as fun is more on your mind than work at the moment. Though at the same time, it's possible that you could receive a project today, that makes you love what you do. Either way, give yourself license to enjoy yourself and be open to new experiences. You'll need them. A hunch or a gut feeling will be strong today, so pay close attention to what you're intuition may be telling you, especially when it comes to your goals and ambitions.