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In Kepler's previous academic program, students students compared the Vedic and Western traditions for Horary and Electional astrology. Kerri Hartnett wrote the following in response to an assignment from faculty member Gary Gomes regarding the Vedic tradition.

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This article explores the social, historical and mythological factors that encouraged the development of horary astrology in this part of India. The ancient history of Kerala is a bit of a mystery. If we look to mythological evidence, there is legend in India that Parasuram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, created Kerala. Legend has it that Parasuram stood on top of a mountain and threw his battle-axe into the sea, commanding it to retreat. The land that emerged from the waters became Kerala. It is an interesting myth and while it is not conceivable in my mind, there is speculation that at one time, Kerala was covered by water.

Archeologists believe that the Arabian Sea once extended to the foot of the Western Ghats, and that Kerala emerged out of the sea as a result of either sudden or gradual earthquake activity.

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They have unearthed small chambers that were cut into rocks, with covered capstone entrances and vaulted roofs, that are dated some time between and B. Faculty note: This is a highly controversial assertion that is openly contested by many mainstream authorities. Some authorities hold that the Dravidians were the original natives of India; others that the Dravidians and Aryans were originally indistinct groups in India. It is interesting that one of the most popular temples in Kerala today, is the temple of the Hindu mother-goddess Bhagawati.

Both India and the Kerala region are a melting pot of varying cultures and religions. Faculty note: The origins and development of religious system are a point of controversy as well. Astrodienst offers the information as a public service free of charge.

Astrodienst Free online chart services. Save Save Save. Based on the sideral Zodiac, Vedic astrology provides many varied tools for the aspiring practitioner. Vedic astrology is one of the oldest and most revered forms of astrology in current practice. The CVA was founded in as professional community of practicing Vedic astrologers representing a plurality of schools in the Vedic astrological community.


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Since , the Council has provided continuing education and certification of professional Vedic astrologers through sponsoring and co-sponsoring educational symposiums and events, but most importantly we have provided continuing education through our diverse community of CVA professional Vedic astrologers and their educational programs spanning the globe internationally. The CVA's educational and certification curriculum has been extensively developed and implemented since its inception in under the guidance of the CVA's Certification Committee.

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David Frawley and the Council board. The Council just celebrated twenty five years with the election of the new CVA board.

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Although we started our first organizational certificate programs in the West the CVA now proudly claims professional certified membership in over nine different countries. The CVA is an organization of practitioners, who have passed our rigorous certification standards, not a school, or a college or university. In this way we draw upon a plurality of schools and teachers, which is our foundation historical strength, rather than a selected group of schools or teachers.

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