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This can happen at the beginning of a relationship and a Libra man can move too fast, scaring his partner away with expectations that seem unreal. This is a consequence of the Air element of Libra that gives this man speed and intent, with a need to follow his ideas through.

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The incredible thing about him is his ability to rush into love and marriage even though his sign exalts Saturn and we would expect him to slow down and wait for the right moment. He simply thinks it is best to know where he stands right away. Libra man can be one of the best lovers of the zodiac, if only his Sun is not too damaged. In case a Libra man has a truly damaged Sun, he can be incredibly selfish and incapable of forming an intimate relationship. The biggest problem arises when he relies too hard on Saturn, being too formal, strict, cold or stiff.

This can even lead to impotence and other problems with expressing his sexuality in a healthy way. With a bruised ego, a Libra man can act like a little, insulted child. It takes a lot of effort and lucky family circumstances in his life, for him to be aware that not everything is a personal insult intended to hurt him.

Whatever the situation in the insult department, this is a man who will stay in a relationship for a long time if he decides to be with someone. He will not give up at the first sight of difficulty and he will trust his feelings without a doubt.

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When he obsessively gives in, thinking he found the love of his life, there is a great chance he will put too much focus on his partner lacking the ability to turn to himself and build his own life. This is a man who can be trusted. He is not your regular unmovable character that will never cheat.

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In his search for oneness he can change quite a few partners, some of them coinciding in time. The additional problem to trust for a Libra man is his low self-esteem, making him question every decision he has to make. However, if he truly decides he wants to be with you exclusively, he will never break his promise of fidelity, for as long as he is given the image of a perfect love he signed up for.

THe is gallant, tactful, well dressed and even better behaved, and of course, in most cases, he chooses a partner that is the exact opposite. This can be a problem if he starts telling you how to dress or behave, because this only speaks of his way to feed his bruised ego. No partner wants to be in this position with a Libra man.

With clearly set boundaries and enough respect, he will take you to fancy places, art galleries, theater and occasions where you need to dress up. He likes to create a certain image and the best way to date him is to show an understanding for his need to show your love to the rest of the world. He will want to be looked at, cherished, caressed and touched in public, even though he might have a problem showing his own affection among other people. Libra man is not easy to understand. His role in the world is to find general balance and you have to see how tough an assignment this is.

Although there are some differences between the two signs, both are laid back and not inclined toward arguing, and they share a love of domestic harmony and a need for comfortable and beautiful surroundings. Libra women will appreciate Taurean strength and decisiveness, while Tauruses value Libran refinement and class. Also, accommodating Libras are less likely to provoke the infamous Taurean stubbornness. Castille found that Libra women in France most often marry Libra men, and that the least-frequent marriage partners for Libra women are Pisces and Cancer men.

Seeing Pisces and Cancer at the bottom of the list is an expected finding because these signs are considered to be incompatible with Libra. Both tend to be very sensitive, so fights may occur in response to minor or imagined slights, and Libras abhor conflict and drama. Cancers, in particular, like to force emotional issues out into the open to clear the air, whereas Libras prefer to avoid emotionally charged conversations, so Cancer-Libra pairings can develop the same difficult patterns that arise in Aries-Libra pairings. Also, Libras tend to be more rational than emotional, so they have difficulty understanding partners who need a lot of reassurance.

The best match for Libras of either gender appears to be another Libra, whereas Aries may be a less compatible match for Libra men and Cancer and Pisces for Libra women. However, Libras who find themselves romantically entangled with one of the less compatible signs should not despair. Plenty of relationships and marriages between supposedly incompatible signs have lasted. For example, out of 6,, marriages encompassing all possible sign combinations in the Castille study, there were more marriages between Libra women and Libra men than would be expected if sun signs had no effect, whereas between Libra women and Cancer men, there were fewer marriages than would be expected if pairings were random.

However, there still were many marriages between the supposedly least compatible signs. Astrology is complex, and there is more to take into account than just sun signs. I have found no critiques of the Castille study thus far. For more on Libra, see the Libra Personality Profile. To see personality and marriage profiles for all the sun signs, visit the main Astrology page.

I am in lusting and in love with 2 Taurus females and I need at least one to make me complete. How do I win them over. But her feelings are intense, and she can be extremely jealous. Iam a libra woman and in serious relationship with sagittarius man… I would like to marry him. Will that be possible? Will I get married to this man? My Bod and his dob He was saggy I was libra.

Had a terrible breakup. Learnt 1thing no matter how much u invest on someone. Dat person cn leave u at any instant n u hve to bring urself out of Dat all on ur own. I would only say dont have the fear of falling in love again. Its the most beautiful feeling on earth.. Jst dnt give up on it! The hardest thing you can ever think of is starting over. There are three things 1 let go 2 move on 3 start all over. The first two are mere discission but the last is discission back with action.

Its not easy may God help us to wake again. Old She is 25 yrs. Old now!! For Putting us Together every second of every Day!!

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I was married to a picez it worked for 20 yrs. Everything they say about a pices was true for him. I am a Libra and my daughter, our only child, is a Taurus. We are just alike. For me it is not working and I am very unhappy and looking to leave. Very nice person and great sense of humor. I am a Libra and my hubby is a cancer! Together 14 years and married for 5.

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We are fine. At the end of the day never go to bed mad.

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So, my best advice is to also try and figure her out and making her laugh will help. We are a strong couple in the eyes of alll of our friends. I think you would also have to take into account your sun and moon signs as they are also big indicators to their personality. His sun and moon is a sag.

Born literally on the cusp of the two. So personally i think if you love this person dearly and can imagine a life with this person and make sure you both speak to each other then of course it could work well. I cheated and he was cheating on me Also!! Now he is engaged still A cheater!!!! Im a libra dude, went out with a Aries gurl for 7months,then She left my Sorry ass for a druggy. So Aries is off my list. I am a Libra girl, had a bad marriage with cancerain. I have a cancerian sister too, and have conflicts since childhood. Very negative people.

Sag are too temperamental and always too stubborn to admit they are wrong.

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Recently he tells me he cheated with a whore. Bottom of the barrel in my eyes. Get tired of what they have. Have control issues, addiction issues, have no problem lying, and no common sense. He can be good I know it. So I wait or he continues to ruin a good thing. Our signs say we are compatible.